Well, OK... 1/2 Norse. He's a Quarter Horse/Norwegian Fjord cross.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What an INCREDIBLE riding season for my little family! From chasing trains and buses all dudded out like bandits & sheriffs, to back-yard shows, and stellar trail rides... we certainly have NOT been slouching!

Photo Mantage defintely more fun than words:

Me on Max, Jasmine on Bill

Prepping Kaleb's pony for their first trail ride

A saucy little Cowpoke on a fabulous little pony

A posse of ladies getting ready to hold up some buses

Our entourage of first time trail riders
only 3 (of 6) horses and 3 (of 6) riders had ever been out before

lady posse photo op

stunning shot of Maximus, if I do say so

Scout's first halter class - a very good boy that didn't place

eek. tucking in my shirt before my WP class

lady bandita looking for her bus mark

don't we look fierce

Sunday, June 24, 2012


We had a nice turnout, though some friends were definitely missed. Managed a decent little obstacle course in our arena that I think everyone had fun playing around on. The burgers were alright, the chicken wings better and the company the best! Couldn't ask for better weather and it was an all-around really pleasant way to spend a day - lazily absorbing everything HORSE.

Now the good part:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Date Night!

Grandma came to pick up her groomed dog and left with our kid so we mounted up before the sun went down.

Slickers respectively donned to repell threatenIng rain, we hit the nearby quarry. Having trotted the mile to reach the bush trails that surround the oasis, and then canter said trails like prancing Peppi Le Pues, the boys were only too happy to scale the steep declines into the cool waters.

After some exploring of the pits and dunes, we climbed out to the most perfect stretch of dirt road on which to stretch their legs. Max suffers from "Disappearing Bum Syndrome". That's to say that once he realises he just might be left behind, it suddenly becomes a Race Of Wild Aandon to catch up, at all costs. We took this opportunity to work on Politely Cantering In Hand While Abreast. This is quite a feat with Bill The Stinker, who likes to egg his competit-er companion along. We did manage 3 trips back and forth, with improvement every time. Max never did quite develop trust with one shadowy spot along the road and insisted on throwing himself over the massive (6") hole, mid-canter, each run. Whoop!

Back into the bush trails after that, Max proving his growing bravery by leading the (cantering) charge. He did better than when he's bringing up the rear, probably due to his taskmaster not requiring a quality trot before allowing departure to catch up, again with a quality canter. The trails ejected us onto this lovely swath harrowed ever-so-kindly by a farmer around the perimeter of his gorgeous wheat field. We quickly took up a sedate trot through the soft turf, approx a mile around to the another road. It was quite a nice bubble in time, sky darkening above, but withholding it's rain for us, the soft green wheat carries sing the bottom of my right boot as I rode the track beside it, my horse jogging so beautifully that I could comfortably sit into it and absorb the motion, my hubby and his steed jogging right along with us in companionable silence.

The evening ended with the most glorious red sunset we've seen this year, and just a whisper of a tall, singing rainbow.

Today's ride was more about exercising the brain than the body. We set out on a 6 mile round trip, toward the dreaded highway. We've been working Max's confidence with traffic, and with exception to one knob who blazed us on the gravel doin 100kms (really asshole?), he's been doing very well with sharing the road with polite motorists. The road allowance that runs in front of the Penn, parallel to #7 hwy was our ultimate goal and test of mettle, at exactly the 1/2 way point of our journey. His head came up as we approached the moving cars, but came back down as he realized they weren't headed for him.

Setting foot on the grassy stretch, with cars and semis zipping to and from him ignited his light, alright. Our dressage coach would have delighted at the airs we were pulling! Beautiful, deep trot with hinds curled RIGHT under us, neck arched as tight as it could possibly be, and the best half-pass at a trot we've never before attempted! Even as I admired his development, I tried to push the right buttons to undo it, to get him to relax. It did work for about a third of a mile before he just couldn't handle it anymore. Rearing and backing down the other side of the ditch, he very clearly said 'I'm done!" Sissy that I am, I conceded and stepped down. Not that I couldn't use the walk, but I'm just not sure where his limits are... Does he know enough not to flip over onto me? Didn't want to chance it and ruin all the good we have. He did stand very politely for me to remount once we were pointed back home, and continued on like nobody's business.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Dynamic Duo

It would seem I'm getting the hang of this new layout, after all.

First, the class I won 3rd place in, cause I'm still just so darned excited! The pics aren't good, being taken off video from too far away, but they get the atmosphere across, I think.

Waiting our turn and checking our number (101) - such childish nonsense we remember from our first endeavours!

The last second of our ride, having walked, sitting trot, posting trot - right diagonal, canter, posting trot - left diagonal, stop, and back. I turned to look at the judge before waving to my 3 year old son hollering "Way to go Mom!" before departing the arena. I was proud of our backing, even if I did have to repair our direction, he kept his head low and accepting of the request - woot!

Just showin off the gorgeous hunter braid my show buddy did for me. I think it's a good look for the Mostus.

Next, Western Pleasure. Our entry was a joke but I love the pics I was able to snag off the video, so have to share! 

I was so proud of how my boy did, even if I kept us out of placing.

He nailed every lope from walk departure and proceeded calmly around the other horses (not so in English Pleaure - lol! Those beasties amped him RIGHT up!).

And just cause he's so stunning... I just can't get over how much I ADORE this boy!

In other horsey news, I've been an arena rock-pickin fool... everywhere but at home, trail riding has consisted of everything from road riding to traversing the great wilds of Anola to puttering around in our own humble local quarry waters.

On the list for the summer, I'd like to pony Scout out for some trail exposure, we're all entering a few more local shows, I'm hoping to hog in on a ladies' overnight ride and Patrick and I are still hoping to get more than one camping trip in this year. Regardless of how the last effort pans out, we WILL be making our annual fall ride & camp out at Falcon Lake.

Hope everyone's having as much fun this summer as we are!

Lead Man

Preping for the show, with fellow supporters and handlers, Caitlin and Hailey Muir.
Will you LOOK at that handsome clipped pony?! He had his first clipping session, first trailering sesson and first show exposure all in 3 days! What a good boy!

Big wave for Dad while in the show ring.

And chillin', just doin' his cowboy thang.

I jumped up and down like a fool when we were listed (first) as First Place... until I heard all the other lead-liners 'win' first place - lmao, what a fool I am! Both Kaleb and I were disappointed that we were not asked to trot but Scout did manage to back up without being too, too ugly... we must work on that! Teenage faces will not win ribbons.

Bareback Dollar Champions

 Let's see if I can get the hang of the new blogger layout...

Some shots of the Champions...

First, pre-ride warm-up. Bill gets hot with the wait. He loves to be doing whatever it is that needs doing, but patience is NOT a virtue he possesses.

Second, a blurry video snap of them in action. That self-carriage and stunning frame is all Bill, all natural. How lucky is this man to have such a graceful horse to ride? Seriously, I can POST bareback on this horse, doing a trotting half-pass. Awesome for the self-image.

Lastly, we have the post-ride shot. Both boys quite impressed with themselves! Job well done!

Hmmm... not sure I care for this new layout at all. Sure, photos load faster, but how you see this post is nothing like it has to look in the draft. Total guess work, as far as layout goes. Yikes!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend of All Weekends

Saturday morning was an early one for us. Up to feed the herd at 6 am so our three boys would be ready for their first local show EVER! Our first show also, for the three of us. Very exciting stuff!

With all our gear including my few borrowed items packed, we loaded our two larger geldings into the Sardine Can. The 2 year old little pony took his first trip off the farm since arriving ages ago in style, snuggling right into a friend's 3 + 1, beside/under one of her friendly young mares. The entire day was quite a social plunge for little Scout.

Kaleb and Scout's event was first on our roster for the day, with Patrick and Bill's being last. They all won first place! Lead line for the youngsters and Bareback Dollar Ride for the geezers.

My events were scattered through the rest of the day. Western Pleasure was a joke, as was English Pleasure but turns out that English Equitation was right up our alley! We placed 3rd in a class of about 12 or 15. I still can't believe I heard our names over the loud speakers.

More on the rest of our weekend, including pics later!